The Process: Custom Sapphire & Diamond Ring

sketch for a hand-crafted ring

The customer’s beautiful blue sapphire and design concept are captured in my rendering.


The block of wax is trued up and lined with a divider so everything is centered.


The carving wax is cut to the correct width and the finger size is opened up in the center.


A seat for the stone is created in the exact center of the wax and brought down so that the culet of the stone comes close to the finger.


The bulk of the wax is removed.  I add and removes wax, sculpting until the design I envision comes to life.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring 03-2

The surprising result is a ring with four unique views: from the front,

Sapphire and Diamond Ring 02.

from an angle,


from the side,

sapphire ring

and from the top.