The Process: Custom Gents Diamond & Sapphire Baguette Ring


Every piece of handcrafted jewelry begins with a piece of carving wax.


A hole with the correct finger size is placed in the center.


The wax is spun on a lathe to create the profile of the ring.  The depression in the center is where the stones will eventually be set.


The divider is used to mark the stone spacing so that it’s perfect.


The seats are cut in wax to cradle the stones at the correct height.


The negative spaces are cut away.


The wax is detailed and cleaned to prepare it for casting in platinum.

Gents Ring w Sapphires in Platinum

Once the ring is cast, all surfaces are filed and sanded.  The ring is pre-polished prior to setting the stones.  The stones are set by hammering metal from the top of the stones to hold them in place.  The final step is polishing the metal.